Welcome to the Hoity Toity world of Ann Booth Designs where girls become young ladies and women are happily reminded that they are dames. Ann Booth Designs is an elegant yet refreshingly playful line of clothing and accessories, created by Los Angeles designer, Ann Booth, who has been performing her magic on women of all ages, shapes and sizes for 20 years, including many high-profile celebrity clients, proving to all that any woman can have the shape she has always wanted just by wearing clothing that is constructed to enhance, and sometimes create, the not always perfect contours of a woman’s body.

Every piece in the collection is thoughtfully designed with this in mind. Produced using limited fabric runs, each piece is like a one-of-kind, custom design. From the coveted Royal Ruffle Coats which have been worn by stars on the red carpets to the 16-piece Scalloped Jacket, you will be thrilled to know they have something that no one else will be wearing!

All of Ann’s clothes are made in the U.S.A.









Men’s Jackets

At Hoity Toity by Ann Booth, you will find custom clothes, handmade bags and functional art pieces that you cannot find anywhere else. For nearly two decades, she has perfected her line of custom women’s clothing for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes in Studio City, including high-profile celebrity clients!